Digital Asset Optimization

The market grows. The crisis stops the growth. Small companies try to reduce their costs. Big companies on the internet keep on growing. A lot of player invest a lot of moneys on the web. Ads on TV costs too much.

Brands always speak through their communication campaigns, but users also started to speak. It influenced the brand perception, so brands started to listen what users are saying about them.
They keep on speaking, but they must redesign their communication, refining their image.

People want to be free. The web support their connections. They start to gather into groups. Old information flows are inverted from top-down to bottom-up. A lot of social events start to be involved into this new type of interaction.

People is changing, as culture and communication habits are too. Both the off line and the on line marketing strategies are continuously adapting. The change may be a threat or an opportunity for your business. Brennerplatz wants to turn it into an opportunity.